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Cassidy is a great guy to work with! Smart, laid back, good communicator. You’ll have a good experience with Vol Homes.”

– Dave S. Knoxville, TN

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We Buy Houses Knoxville TN

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Sell My House Fast Knoxville, TN In ANY CONDITION & Pay No Fees Or Commissions

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We buy houses Knoxville TN - Sell your home fast, as-is, and for cash - Vol Homes

Selling your house that needs repairs can be
very overwhelming and stressful.

We are here to help!

We are buying houses in Knoxville and surrounding areas. We pay cash so there is no need to make any repairs and you never have to pay any fees or commissions. Vol Homes offers a truly simple and easy way to sell my house fast As-Is with no hassle. As your neighbor, we truly want to help you make an informed decision and there is never any obligation. We just buy houses simply & fairly.

We are the solution that you have been looking for!

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I just wanted to say you made mom’s house beautiful. She would’ve loved it. Thank you for all your hard work.

– Yvonne T. Knoxville, TN

Sell House Fast Knoxville, TN

Are you completely overwhelmed to the point that you would rather not even see your property? Let me assure you that houses don’t fix themselves up while you’re away and only get worse over time. The absolute worst thing you can do is make no decision at all.

Suppose… your landscaper mistakenly bumps the downspout while mowing one day and doesn’t realize it, and eventually the downspout comes loose, and water drops from the roof onto the ground. Over time the water will erode a low spot into the ground and run in towards the house. Water running in towards the foundation will eventually soften and erode the ground beneath the footing which will cause the foundation to fail and require significant repair.

We see issues like this all the time. Whether it be from declining health, a vacant property, financial distress, or any other number of issues, things happen. The best course of action is to allow a professional to make a cash offer for your home so that you can be done with it. These are the exact types of issues that seek to resolve when we buy houses:

Needing Repairs

Feeling Overwhelmed

Problem Tenants

Health Issues

Inherited Property

Moving or Downsizing

bbb.org Vol Homes a trusted house buyer. We buy houses simply and easily

Cassidy and his team at Volhomes are great people. They do what they say they’ll do. I love their commitment to redevoloping homes in the area.

– Brandon S. Oak Ridge, TN

Cassidy Melhorn and his son. Vol Homes  are local trusted house buyers in Knoxville TN. You can trust us. We buy houses simply and fairly.

Sell Your House The Easiest way!

There are few things that are as stressful as selling your house… especially when it needs some repairs. Trying to find contractors, repairmen, realtors, and appraisers, can seem like a nightmare and you never know who you can actually trust.

We are a We Buy Houses Company that you can trust. A cash home buyer that considers every Knoxville house – an unattractive house, burdensome houses, unwanted property, foreclosure issues, a vacant house, a rental property with problems. The list goes on – if you are a homeowner & have a Knoxville house you want to sell my house fast and you want to get a fair offer with no closing cost to pay then look no further than this cash buyer – Vol Homes.

As a trusted cash home buyer – We offer a stress-free solution. We have spent years developing the right team to handle any real estate issue we may run into. Whether it be title issues, inherited properties, foundation issues, or divorce situations, we have mastered it. WE HANDLE EVERYTHING FOR YOU. You do nothing and collect your check at closing. Vol Homes is the best possible choice if you are looking to sell your house the easy way.

-Cassidy Melhorn

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How Do I Sell My House Fast Knoxville Tennessee?

When we buy houses, we make our process very simple and transparent so that Knoxville homeowners know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. Give us a call to get your free cash offer & fair cash offer today!

how house buying works

See How It Works

We explain what to expect and why East Tennesseans prefer Vol Homes.

Vol Homes - Our Knoxville Company

Learn about Our Company

As your neighbor, our core values drive our commitment to you when we buy houses.

Cash A Cash Offer on Your Knox Home. we buy houses.

Get a Cash Offer

Sell my house fast & request a no-obligation cash offer on your property to see if it is right for you.

It’s the best time in the past decade to sell your house fast, take advantage of it!


  • A Cash Offer will help you determine the value
  • We do everything for you
  • Take the first step
  • Sell my house fast & simply

Get your money in 7 days!

When we buy houses, we never charge any commissions or fees of any kind and we pay all of the closing costs. We will never ask you to clean or make repairs and there is never any obligation. Need to sell house fast Knoxville, we can help. We don’t do inspections or appraisals and we buy the house As-Is.

Get A 100% Free Cash Offer Today - No Obligation

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Sell A House For Cash Exactly As It Is – No Repairs Necessary

We Buy Homes Quickly Without Fuss

sell my Tennessee home quickly with no closing costs or fees to pay. we buy houses fast

Sell My House Fast! – We Have All The Tools To Do The Job!

We have a Tennessee team of licensed engineers, contractors, cleaners, and landscapers. We know exactly how to handle simple and complex construction and maintenance repairs so there is no need to try to fix it yourself or worse… have to pay someone. When we buy houses, our network of subcontractors gives us wholesale pricing on construction work, so we are able to pay more for your house than our competitors because we will make it up in construction savings.

Sell A House Needing Repairs in 7 days

When we buy houses you will find something comforting about dealing with 1 person. When you speak with me, you’ll only deal with 1 person. There aren’t multiple overseas agents or different departments, just me.

I will ensure that everything is understood and transparent and that we close on time. If you are thinking I need to sell my house fast Knoxville, Vol Homes can help you – When buying houses Knoxville fast, with a fair price, no closing costs, and hassle-free.

Who can I sell my house fast to in Knoxville? – As trusted cash home buyers we are able to buy houses fast. No need for a real estate agent. You can just sell your house fast to us here at Vol Homes. All houses in Knoxville TN will be considered. We buy homes for cash, we buy houses as-is with no realtor fees on a closing date you choose. The whole home selling your house process is just so easy with us! As we buy houses in Knoxville Tennessee.

You will Deal Directly with the Owner the entire time

Can I sell my house fast for cash to Vol Homes? – Yes, I will talk with you and ensure that you understand the process and you will always have my direct line in case you have questions.

We are your friends and neighbors

A reputation takes a lifetime to build. We want to make sure you are satisfied because we are members of this community.

We can pay more because we cut out the middleman

Vol Homes is a licensed contractor so when we buy we save money on construction costs, allowing us to pay you more for your house. You pay no fees whatsoever. Sell my house fast – Selling your house to us As Is!

The entire process takes less than a week

We do lots of business with our title company so we are able to move to the front of the line, making the process much faster than others

Any Condition Means ANY Condition

We have purchased houses that were condemned and new houses that were still under construction and everything in between.

We are the bank

When we buy houses in Knoxville, we use our own money to buy houses. We are like local real estate agents but we have our own money that is set aside for buying houses. So there is no chance that a deal will fall through because of an inspection or appraisal, allowing us to close in 7 days.

What To Expect When We Buy Houses:
No Repairs. No Commissions. No Fees. No Closing Costs. No Hassle.

We understand your concerns and want to address them. With any decision, there needs to be due consideration given. That is why we have broken it down into a step-by-step process that outlines every step of the way as to how we buy houses so that you can be 100% positive that we are right for you.

Need to sell house Knoxville? – We are trusted cash home buyers
Sell a house fast in Knoxville? – Sell your house fast with Vol Homes.

Find our detailed process on our “How it Works” page here.

Fill in the form below or give us a call on 865 321 8999

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Home Buyers In Knoxville – Sell Your House Quickly!

Can I sell my house fast? – You can! – We buy houses in Knoxville TN even if they need major repairs, we are not real estate agents so operate on our own straightforward home buying process enabling us to buy any Knoxville house fast for cash. Let us buy your house today.

Get more cash with our fair offer. No hidden fees, no bank approval are required, and no extensive repairs are needed which means more money for you when we buy houses in Knoxville TN.

A Home Buying Company Working Fast Without Pressure & Closing in as little as 7 days

Sell my house fast but not the traditional way – We will consider all types of Knoxville properties and buy homes in a week if needed.

When we buy houses, there are no situations that we won’t consider when buying houses in Knoxville. If you are facing foreclosure, have issues with your mortgage payments, or moving due to a job transfer – our home buying process means you can sell fast, pay no seller concessions, no major repairs, and close quickly in a short time frame. Join the many homeowners and get a free cash offer and sell your home fast – give us a call at (865) 321 8999

Keep it simple! – Sell My House Fast!
Sell Your Knoxville Home To Us Today!

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We cover a variety of areas across Knoxville including:

ChattanoogaClinton – Corryton – FarragutHeiskell
Kingston – Knoxville – MaryvilleOak RidgePowell

Sell your house without a realtor – the easy way! We buy houses in Knoxville TN. We consider all houses in Knoxville no matter the condition. If you need to sell fast in Knoxville TN, then we as cash home buyers will buy your house with a fair cash offer.

The answer to the question “Can I sell my house fast?” is easily answered by myself, Cassidy Melhorn, and my team at Vol Homes – Yes!! Selling your home has never been so easy!

We’ll make you a fair offer on your home within 24 hours

Fill out the form anywhere on this website or call us direct. We could buy your house within a week. Let us help. Call us now and let us take the strain & hassle off you and give you a fast and easy fair cash offer to sell your house fast in Knoxville. We can buy your house with no fees and we can buy your house within days!