How Do I Sell My House Fast In Tennessee?

We cut out all of the middlemen, making the process EASY and straightforward.
We eliminate banks, realtors, and EXPENSIVE REPAIRS.

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Sell My House Fast Tennessee?

We make our process very simple and transparent
so that you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.
It’s literally as EASY as !

We Buy Houses In Knoxville Tennessee - How A Cash House Buyer Works - Vol Homes

Tell us about it.

Simply input your contact info into the form on the page so that we will know some details.

We will reach out.

Once you have submitted your form we will reach out to discuss the property and schedule a time to view it if possible.

Get your money.

Finally, we will meet at the closing date of your choice to sign the final documents and disperse your money.

We service all of East Tennessee and buy in ANY and all condition, good or bad!


  • A Cash Offer will help you determine value
  • We handle everything for you
  • Take the first step

Get your money in 7 days!

We never charge any commissions or fees of any kind and we pay all of the closing costs. We will never ask you to clean or make repairs and there is never any obligation. We don’t do inspections or appraisals and we buy the house As-Is.

Get A 100% Free Cash Offer Today - No Obligation

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Cassidy is a great guy to work with! Smart, laid back, good communicator. You’ll have a good experience with Vol Homes.”

– Dave S. Knoxville, TN


In the section we will go into a little more detail.

Our process is as simple as possible and has been largely responsible for the reason we have been able to help thousands of homeowners all over East Tennessee. This includes Knox, Anderson, Blount, Loudon, Roane, Sevier, Morgan, Campbell, Union, Cumberland, Hamilton, and Surrounding Counties.

Now that you know the area where we are buying, how about more info on the process. The first step is to enter your information and submit the form. After you have submitted the form we will contact you by phone in 1-2 days at a time that is convenient to you to discuss more of the details. We might ask questions like, “Why are you wanting to sell,” and “What is the condition of the property,” which will help us better identify how much we can offer. Next, we will schedule a time to meet you to view the property in person. Once we have viewed the property we will present you with a cash offer in writing. You will then choose the date and time that you would like to sign the final papers and receive your money, which is commonly referred to as “Closing.” When the closing date arrives we will attend the closing at a local Title Company, which is a company that specializes in handling real estate paperwork. They will pay off any past loans and provide you with a Cashiers Check that you can deposit into your bank. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a visual timeline of the process:

I just wanted to say you made Mom’s house beautiful! It was unrecognizable! You really did a great job! Mom would have loved it! Thank you for all your hard work .”

– Yvonne Toon Knoxville, TN

How Do We Determine the Offer Amount?

This is a great question and one that needs to be answered. Again we VALUE TRANSPARENCY, so we’ll happily explain. The first thing that we do to determine our offer amount is to look at what the property will be worth once it has been fixed up. This value is found based on what other similar fixed-up houses have sold for recently, called “comparable sales.” Once we find the amount the house will be worth fixing up, we determine how much it will cost to fix it. We then use these 2 values to generate a CASH OFFER that is Fair to You. Claim yours below!

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Lets Take a Closer Look at EXACTLY How We Come Up With Offer Amounts.

The best way to show how we come up with the prices on our offer amounts is just to take a look at a recently purchase property and use it as a Case Study. This house at 3312 Joseph Gate Ln in Karns was purchased in January of 2022. The seller stated that the property needed some repairs and updates and that they wanted to sell it As-Is to a cash buyer.

The first value we look at is the price we can sell the house for after we have completed all the repairs and updates that will need to be done. This value is called the “After Repair Value,” or ARV. To determine the ARV we look at the Sold Prices (not List prices) of houses in the same neighborhood that has sold within the last 6 months that were completely updated. In this case, we felt pretty confident that we could sell the house for $270,000 after we had completed the updates.

The next value that we have to determine is the amount that it will cost us to do all of the necessary repairs. In this particular case, the flooring was damaged, the appliances were outdated, there were numerous sheetrock patches, completely repainting the interior, and finally adding some nice landscaping to the exterior to create some curb appeal. We would also figure on adding some farmhouse-style shutters, and new interior and exterior hardware (knobs, hinges, etc). The total repairs needed, which we’ll call RC for short, turned out to be right at $20,000.

Once we have the ARV and the RC, we simply plug the values into the following formula:

0.8 x ARV – RC = Offer Amount

0.8 x $270,000 – $20,000 = $196,000

So on this property, we offered $200,000 cash and closed in a week. The seller was thrilled that she didn’t have to take on doing any more updates in order to sell it because she’d had difficulty finding contractors that were honest and reliable. She also liked the fact that if she would have invested her own money into getting the repairs done, paid a realtor, and closing costs, she would’ve walked away with about the same amount anyway.

This is how we have been able to serve our community. We are able to offer a reasonable amount for houses, buy them and transform them into a new home for someone. If you’re curious what your offer amount might be, scroll up and input your details to get your own cash offer!

Sell A House Exactly As It Is Now, No Repairs Necessary

We have a team of licensed engineers, contractors, cleaners, and landscapers. We know exactly how to handle simple and complex construction and maintenance repairs so their is no need to try to fix it yourself or worse… have to pay someone. Our network of subcontractors give us wholesale pricing on construction work, so we are able to pay more for your house than our competitors because we will make it up in construction savings.

Sell A House Needing Repairs In 7 days For Cash

There is something comforting about dealing with 1 person. When you speak with me, you’ll only deal with 1 person. There aren’t multiple overseas agents or different departments, just me, Cassidy. I will ensure that everything is understood and transparent and that we close on time. Here are some common questions that I’ve been asked by folks we’ve done business with.

What if I have a mortgage, do I have to pay it off first?

You do not have to pay off your mortgage before selling it. In Tennessee, title companies are companies that are used to facilitate real estate transactions. Their entire purpose is to ensure that all mortgages, taxes, etc are accounted for at closing. In other words, if you owe $100,000 on your house and we agree to buy it for $200,000, you would get $100,000 at closing because the title company would pay off the loan with the sale proceeds and you would receive the difference.

Do you charge a fee or commission?

We do not charge any fees or commissions. In fact, we will actually pay for closing costs that you would otherwise have to pay in all other real estate transactions. We can do this because our profit comes in the form of equity by adding value to the property once it has been fixed up.

Do you make lowball offers?

We have been in business for a decade and have purchased hundreds of houses in East TN. If we made lowball offers we would never buy enough houses to support our business and employees. We look for base hits, not home runs. What does this mean for you? Generally, we offer a higher “net” or “take-home” offer, which is the money that you actually walk away from the table with and deposit into your bank account. How is this possible? We pay for your closing costs, which would typically cost thousands. We also don’t charge commissions, which could equate to tens of thousands. We also don’t hire inspectors and appraisers which usually costs sellers thousand of dollars. What this means is that we can offer a reasonable cash dollar amount which will often net as much, or in some cases, more, than transactions with other retail buyers.

I inherited a house but I still need to put it through probate court. Can I sell it now?

Yes. Probate is a procedure in Tennessee that is used to distribute property from a deceased person to their heirs and close out their estate. We are very familiar with the probate process and procedure. Generally speaking, as long as all heirs agree to the sale of the real estate, a property can be purchased before, during, or after the probate has begun.

The place is a complete mess. Should I clean it up first?

No matter how “bad” you think the house is, I promise you we have seen, and purchased, much much worse. We look at what’s beyond the clutter. We know how to transform a place from a complete disaster to a dream home so, when we view a property, were not looking at the mess, we’re looking at what’s behind it. The bones of the house. Don’t bother cleaning out the house, we have people that do that, so let us take care of it.

Can I get money to move first?

We run into situations quite frequently where sellers will need help moving or need money to move. Like many other problems when it comes to real estate we have a great solution for this. We will buy the house first while you’re still moved in and the title company will withhold a small amount of money from your closing check in an escrow account. That way you will have most of the money for the house in your pocket prior to moving. This will give you all the funds you need to hire moving help, hire a truck, etc. Once you have successfully moved out and we take possession of the house, your final payment will be issued to you from the escrow account at the title company.

No Repairs. No Commissions. No Fees. No Hassle.

With any decision, there needs to be due consideration given and you really need to know who you’re dealing with in order to make an informed decision. Please allow us to formally introduce ourselves here at Our Company.

Get A 100% Free Cash Offer Today - No Obligation

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