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Cassidy and his team at Vol Homes are great people! They do what they say and have excellent follow through. Love their commitment to re-developing homes in neighborhoods needing some TLC for owners of tomorrow. Keep up the great work!.”

Brandon Schwab

Cassidy Melhorn

Real Estate Buyer & Engineer

Cassidy is a former Oak Ridge Mechanical Process Design Engineer, turned house buyer, founder of “Volhomes LLC“, and has 10 years of experience, buying and renovating houses.

Cassidy is a great guy to work with! Smart, laid back, good communicator. You’ll have a good experience with Vol Homes.”

– Dave S. Knoxville, TN

Victoria Melhorn

Award Winning Knoxville Realtor

Victoria is a Top Producing Realtor in Knoxville, selling 10 Million in real estate annually, helping hundreds of families buy and sell houses in East Tennessee, specializing in homes, Lakefront properties, commercial real estate, relocation, and land.

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A Little Bit About Cassidy…

My interest in buying real estate started years ago. While I was in college at the University of Tennessee, I decided to take a temporary job working for the US Census Bureau. While working there, I visited a number of abandoned properties that were in disrepair, or run-down. I asked myself, “How can I prevent this from happening?

After graduating, I bought my first foreclosure house to fix up prior to taking a job as a Mechanical Engineer in Oak Ridge, TN. During the renovation of that house over the summer, I learned a lot, but I was hooked. The prospect of taking the worst house on the street and turning it into a dream home was something I was deeply passionate about. While working as an engineer, I kept thinking about the abandoned houses that I had seen while working at the census, and that there had to be a solution to people losing their homes, and them falling into disrepair. So, after a few years, I left my job to pursue my passion – finding a way to buy these houses and make them beautiful again, all while making peoples’ lives better here in East TN.

I founded VOL Homes in 2016, and since, we have purchased hundreds of abandoned and run down houses and brought them back to life. I knew shortly after the first several houses we had purchased that I had found my passion in life. Many people see a house that is derelict and cringe. When I look at a derelict house, I see a completely remodeled house, because I understand the transformation that is possible with a well-executed plan.

Buying houses, to me, is a lot like Christmas to a child. Some houses are good, but some have tons of potential.. and this is what excites me. In order to pursue this passion, I’ve had to study what issues sellers face, and how I can structure my company to resolve those issues. Our biggest focus is homeowners who have a house that needs work that they can’t sell to a retail buyer due to the restrictions placed on houses by the bank. Banks control real estate sales if they are involved in the transaction. Banks require that sellers pay for repairs and updates to a house or they will not lend on it and so the buyer can’t buy it. If the seller does not have the time or money to make a bunch of repairs, it leaves them in a position where they can’t fix it and can’t pay for the repairs to sell it. This is exactly the problem we have set out to correct. We do not use banks to finance the houses that we buy, meaning there are no ridiculous requirements to make repairs that are placed on you, the seller. In addition, we have learned to find the fixed up value of houses, meaning there is no need to spend money for an appraisal. This eliminates many expenses and roadblocks that would normally be involved in the sale of a house that needs repairs. We are the bank in our transaction, and we tailor our purchase to suit you, the seller, and your needs.

No matter what issues are present with a property (repairs, title issues, back taxes, liens, etc), we find a way to purchase the house at a price that is fair to you. At Vol Homes, we focus on your needs, whether you need help moving, need to find a new place, have to sell quickly, etc. so you can continue to do the things you love with the people that you love.

How My Company Is Different

There is something comforting about dealing with 1 person. When you speak with me, you’ll only deal with 1 person. There aren’t multiple overseas agents or different departments, just me. I will ensure that everything is understood and transparent and that we close on time.

You will Deal Directly with the Owner the entire time

I will talk with you and ensure that you understand the process and you will always have my direct line in case you have questions.

We are your friends and neighbors

A reputation takes a lifetime to build. We want to make sure you are satisfied because we are members of this community.

We can pay more because we cut out the middleman

Vol Homes is a licensed contractor so we save money on construction costs, allowing us to pay you more for your house.

The entire process takes less than a week

We do lots of business with our title company so we are able to move to the front of the line, making the process much faster than others

Any Condition Means ANY Condition

We have purchased houses that were condemned and new houses that were still under construction and everything in between

We are the bank

We use our own money that is currently set aside for buying houses so there is no chance that a deal will fall through because of an inspection or appraisal, allowing us to close in 7 days.

Our Pledge to You.

Honesty and integrity are imperative to maintain longevity in real estate. And having been in real estate for 10 years, they’ve become part of our core values. I pledge to communicate honestly and transparently, to hold myself to the highest standard, and to follow through on all my commitments.