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Why subject yourself to the frustrations of conventional strategies when you sell house in Knoxville? Especially since there is a much easier and convenient way through VOL Homes.

We are the professional property investors that will change your opinion about selling your house because nobody makes it easier than we do.

But instead of just telling you that we make selling your home easy, here are some of the things that automatically form part of our service.

No Unnecessary Waiting

With conventional sales, there is a lot of waiting you have to endure. First, you have to wait to find the right realtor. Then you have to wait for buyers to make an offer.

On top of this, you have to wait for the buyer to qualify for financing, which can turn the deal south if they are not approved.

At VOL Homes, we never play the waiting game. Not only do we provide an offer almost instantly, but we make things happen quickly once you agree to our offer. In fact, you get to choose the closing date that is most convenient for you.

No Extra Costs

Just like you have to wait when working with a realtor, there is also a good chance you need to spend money. For example, you might have to fix up the house first before buyers are going to give it a second look.

And what about the closing costs as well as the commission fees for the realtor?

Forget all these expenses when you sell your house for cash to us. We will never ask you to repair or fix your home.

Neither do we ask for a commission, seeing as we are the buyers. More importantly, we absorb all the extra expenses, like the closing costs.

No Disappointments

You can trust we will never back down from an offer once it has been made. When you sell your house in Knoxville, there is always a possibility that a conventional buyer can leave you hanging at the last minute.

But this never happens at VOL Homes. We already have the funds to buy your home for cash, and we always follow through on the deals we make.

No Complications

Finally, we are more than happy to handle the complicated paperwork. That means you can stay relaxed and calm during the process while we take care of the transfer.

Basically, all you have to do is agree to our no-obligation offer and choose when you want your money. It does not get simpler than this.

Sell House In Knoxville Quicker Than Anybody Else

If you are serious about selling your fast and without typical problems that come with it, let VOL Homes be the first people you speak to.

Because we give a fair market offer you can bank on immediately.

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