We Buy Houses Knoxville – Why Is My Home Not Selling?

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The average amount of time needed to sell a house – from listing all the way to closing – is about 65 – 70 days.

So, if your Knoxville house has been on the market for more than 70 days, there may be a couple of reasons why your home won’t sell.

However, one thing is for certain, while you might feel frustrated and out of options, do not make the mistake of giving up.

Besides, you have us – Vol Homes – at your corner ready to purchase your home for cash. Here at Vol Homes, we buy houses Knoxville regardless of the location, condition or type.

At the end of the day, every home to us sells when you sell to us.

Are you still curious about why your home isn’t selling? Well, let’s try and highlight why that might be the case:

1. Your Real Estate Agent Isn’t Working Hard Enough

How hard is your realtor working for you? Every real estate agent has its way of conducting business and helping you sell, and you must choose wisely.

When selecting a real estate agent, you should consider their reputation, experience and of course, pick one who works with the type of house you are selling.

Remember, when hiring a realtor, you’re putting a lot of faith into their expertise.

You need to make sure you hire an agent who is willing to go out of their way to help you sell my home fast Knoxville.

Therefore, if you’re working with a real estate agent that only works during work hours, then you might want to consider one that provides around the clock services.

2. Your Home Doesn’t Have The Right Exposure

One of the most effective ways of selling houses as with anything else is to make sure that you attract attention.

And the only way to catch as much attention as possible is to work on exposure. If people are not aware of your for sale house, the chances are it won’t sell.

If you’re selling your home solo, make sure you market the right way and list your property on the best real estate listing websites.

You should also consider going social and posting professional pictures of your home on social media platforms. The more hype you create for your property, the faster you will sell.

3. Your house Isn’t Priced Correctly

This might probably be the main reason you’re still asking ‘why can’t I sell my home fast Knoxville?’ it is crucial that you price your Knoxville home right, and that means pricing it realistically.

Let’s be honest; when you’re paying a hefty commission to your real estate agent, you might pick a high price for your home to help you cover the fee and get the amount of money you had in mind.

However, pricing your home wrong will only make it hard for you to sell. So why not look out for home in your neighborhood and their prices? After this, you’ll have a good indication of how to price your house.

Do you need help selling your home? Call Vol Homes today where we buy houses Knoxville for cash!

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